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M A K E U P   A R T I S T R Y


High-definition has become the industry standard. The fine-grain resolution of up to 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, allows the camera to pick up every single detail so that your video looks as real-life as possible. Every color looks more intense and people look more like themselves on HD. But there are flaws in the every human face. All flaws, from natural to cosmetic imperfections become magnified by High- Definition. Age spots are darker, wrinkles are deeper, and the skin texture irregularities are amplified. The absence of makeup can only draw attention to something that would rather be left hidden.


Beauty makeup may seem like a simple thing but in fact it is the most standard makeup needed. Expert skills are needed for todays higher resolution to consistently create a clean, color-correct and lightweight look that stands up to High-Definition scrutiny. Makeup needs to be applied by a professional to achieve the smooth and even complexion. Normal and natural amounts of day-to-day makeup may look heavy and cakey. Makeup that is too matte can look  dry and flaky, while other makeup can shine and tend appear wet, accentuate wrinkles, and produce hot spots from even the softest lighting. An experienced HD makeup artist can do wonders on nooks, crannies, crows feet, rashes, blemishes, nose hairs and many other natural imperfections. 


Adding a High-Definition makeup artist to your project will enhances the visual quality of your video, commercial or movie.  The makeup artist ensures the people on camera retain their continuity, so that changes in makeup throughout the filming process are not distracting to future viewers.  Overall, the makeup artist will help you spend less time and money on post production and increase the production value of your project!  

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